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Summer Printables

Looking for Fun Summer-Themed Activities for young children? We got you covered! 

For Toddlers and Preschoolers - We highly recommend the Summer Busy book 

For Preschoolers and Beyond - We have more than 10 Printable Packs to develop different skills. 

  • Summer Hands-on Activities
  • Summer Roll and Cover Math game
  • Summer Colour by code
  • Summer Workbook printable
  • Summer Colouring pages
  • Summer Drawing Prompts
  • Summer Directed Drawings
  • Summer Q-Tip Painting
  • Summer Cut and Paste Crafts
  • Summer Paper Weaving Crafts
  • Summer Printable Board Game
  • Summer Memory Game Printable

  • You can choose the specific printables you need or Get them together by Purchasing "The Ultimate Summer Activity Bundle" at a Massive Discount.